Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nepali Bhutwa~ An Exquisite Mutton Dish From Nepal

What about celebrating the coming holidays with an absolutely awesome mutton dish? This is one of the best mutton dishes I have tasted in a long time. It’s flavourful, incredibly delectable, goes equally well with roti/parantha or even rice/pulao. I came across this interesting dish in one of the food groups that I am a member of. It requires an exotic herb called Timur, difficult to get hold of in the regular grocery stores, but if not available you can cook without it, the mutton will taste delish anyways.  Timur is a kind of pepper available in Nepal/China also known as Sichuan/Szechwan pepper used mostly in the Nepali, Tibetan or Chinese dishes.

Nepali Bhutwa

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tomato Khajur Aampaapad Chutney (Khejur Aamshottor Chutney)

During the winter months this is a must accompaniment with lunch at home specially in the weekends. Though much loved for its perfect combination of sweet and sour taste with an extra bit of tickle for your tongue because of the addition of dry red chilli, it’s pretty easy to make and gets ready in a jiffy. The zing attributed to the dish comes mainly from two ingredients dates/ khajur and aam paapad or aamshotto, the Bong name given to dried leather of mango pulp and sugar syrup. I always have a stock of aamshotto handy in my fridge for this chutney and for those depressing times to eat just like that. Often having just a slice of aamshotto uplifts my mood. So whenever I chance to go to C.R.Park I pick up quite a few of them.

Tomato Khajur Aampaapad Chutney

Monday, 7 December 2015

Stuffed Potato/ Aloo

This is a rather uncommon dish because you generally come across stuffed capsicum/simla mirch, stuffed lady finger/vindi/okra, stuffed chillies/ hari mirch, stuffed tomato, stuffed karela/bitter gourd and our oh-so-good Bong delicacy stuffed pointed gourd/potol/parwal famously called ‘Potoler Dolma’. But have you ever met with stuffed potato/aloo?. 

Stuffed Potatoes

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