Traditional Bengali Recipes

Tomato Khajur Aampaapad Chutney (Khejur Aamshottor Chutney)

The Authentic Bengali Malpua

Daal Puri(Indian Bread With Dried And Split Yellow Chickpeas Stuffing)

Nolen Gur diye Sewainer Payesh (Vermicelli Pudding With Date Palm Jaggery)

Mochar Ghonto (A Mixed Veg Dish with Banana Flowers And Potatoes) ~ A Bengali Delicacy

Chhanar/Paneer Kofta Curry (Cottage Cheeseballs Curry)

Tilottama Rui (Rohu Cooked With Sesame Seeds)

Golbarir Kosha Mangsho (Spicy Bhuna Mutton of Golbari)

Goalondo Steamer Chicken Curry

Maacher Matha Diye Bhaja Moong Daal (Yellow Lentils With Rohu/Katla Fish Head)

Pui Chingrir Ghonto (Prawns-potato-pumpkin And Malabar Spinach Mishmash)

Rui Rosa (Rohu In A Rich Gravy)

Shorshe Narkel Diye Chingri Bhapa (Jumbo Prawns Steamed With Mustard Paste And Topped With Grated Coconut)

Tyangrar Jhal Shorshe Bata Diye (Tyangra In A Spicy Mustard Gravy)

Dhokar Dalna ( Lentil Cakes In A Rich Spicy Gravy)

Maacher Dimer Borar Dalna ( Fish Roe Fritters In A Spicy Flavourful Curry)

Kancha Ilisher Jhal (Hilsa Cooked In Thin Hot Red Curry)

Mochmochey Bhaja Illish (Hot and Crispy Fried Hilsa With The Fried Fish Oil)

Mangsher Ghugni (Dried Yellow Peas Cooked With Minced Mutton)

Doi Rui Maachh (Rohu Fish In A Creamy Yogurt Gravy)

Potoler/Parwal Qorma (Pointed Gourd Qorma)

Doi Begun ( Brinjal/Eggplant In Yogurt Gravy)

Rui Tomato ( Rohu Fish In Thick Tomato Gravy Tempered with Nigella Seeds And Slit Green Chillies)

Aloo Fulkopi Diye Chingri Maachher Kaaliya ( Prawns Cooked With Potatoes And Cauliflower In A Rich Gravy)

Chicken Rezala Kolkata Style

Murighonto (Fish Head Cooked With Gobindobhog Rice And Potatoes)


Rui Shorshe Posto ( Rohu Fish In Mustard N Poppy Seeds Paste)

Nolen Gurer Payesh ( Rice kheer with Date Palm Jaggery)

Lau Chingri ( Prawns with Bottle Gourd)

Moong Dal Narkel Kora Diye (Yellow Lentils with Grated Coconut)

Mangshor Jhol (Mutton Curry Bong Style)

Prawn Malai Curry

Chicken Curry (Murgir Jhol) Bong Style

Fried Flattened Rice (Chire Bhaja)

Chicken Biryani Kolkata Style

Aloo Begun Masoor Daaler Bori Diye Torkari ( Dried Lentil Dumplings in Potato And Brinjal/Eggplant Curry)

Egg Rolls

Bhetki Maacher Pulao ( Barramundi/Sea Bass Fish Pulao)

Steamed Shrimps ( Kuncho Chingri Bhape)

Strawberry Rosogollar Payesh( Rosogolla/Cheeseballs in Strawberry Kheer/Pudding)

Tomato Chutney (plain) Bong Style

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