Friday, 27 May 2016

Chicken Stew

After a marvelous vacation in Goa and gorging on spicy Goan cuisine my heart was craving for some home cooked simple and delicious chicken stew and rice. Though pretty much excited about relishing some exotic and awesome seafood for about a week, there is nothing like some homemade soul food I thought to myself. So the last Sunday was a simple and wholesome 'chicken stew day' with minimum spices. This stew is a solace to those who are looking for a break from continuous consumption of rich and spicy food. It’s very nutritious and easy on your stomach when the heat is relentless, soaring above 40 degree Celsius and though less spicy it’s not at all bland.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#Summer Cooler Recipe 4 ~ Kancha Aamer Chutney/Kacche Aam ki Chutney (Raw Mango Chutney)

Summer Cooler Recipe 4:

‘Knacha Aamer Chutney’ or raw mango chutney is an all time Bong favourite. A lunch or dinner accompanied with a fingerlickingly delicious chutney specially on Sundays is what we call a Bong signature meal. Our family is no exception to this. Whatever delicacies may I cook, a chutney/aumbol/tok  and mishti doi must mark the end of our Bong meal. I am sure most of you love raw mango chutney too. So here I am with the recipe of raw mango chutney the Bong way…..

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Chilli Mutton

Mutton is my weakness and I have tried various mutton recipes, experimented with many till date. Each time I got amazed with the zing that mutton can bring to a dish whatever the recipe might be. This time I tried an Indo Chinese version of mutton. Chilli Chicken is loved by everybody all over the world, thought of substituting chicken with mutton to see if it enhances the flavour and this time also I was astonished with the result. Chilli Mutton is an exotic dish, superlative in taste and texture, and it was a real wonder for me. This is a must try mutton dish and just relish it with whatever you wish, its bound to get polished off in seconds.

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