Sunday, 6 April 2014

Strawberry Rosogollar Payesh( Rosogolla/Cheeseballs in Strawberry Kheer/Pudding)

This is a super delicious sweet dish from my kitchen....tried experimenting with strawberry and rosogolla or cheeseballs together and believe me it was just out of the world....

Strawberry Rosogollar Payesh


  •  Rosogolla 8 pcs cut in half
  •  Full cream milk 750ml
  •  Milkmaid ½ tin (200gms)
  •  Sugar 2-3 tblspns
  •  Cornflour powder 3tsps
  •  Strawberry syrup ( I used Hershey’s) 3-4 tblspns
  •  Strawberries as per need
  •  Cashewnuts for garnishing(optional)

Strawberry Rosogollar Payesh


Boil full cream milk with sugar in a wok…take out some milk n mix well with the cornflour powder…keep aside. When the milk gets a bit reduced add milkmaid n stir for sometime. Now add the cornflour mix…instantly the milk will thicken n become creamy. Add the strawberry syrup n stir mixing well…now put in the rosogollas cut in halves…refrigerate for 3-4 hrs till the kheer sets well n the rosogollas get well absorbed in strawberry kheer…serve chilled with chopped strawberries n cashewnuts…I swear it’ll be a dessert to remember… :)

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